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Liliana is anxiously awaiting the disappearance of snow and appearance of green grass, for it is then that I’ve promised her a sleep out in our tent. “The coyotes won’t get us, right, Mom?” she says.  I nod.  Truth is, the coyotes do come running through our ravine frequently (and sound truly demonic, but that’s […]

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Ice Formations

I’m fascinated by ice.  Did you know that there are physicists who freeze water under varying conditions, just to see what formations they come up with?  They apply their results, then, to ice found in the earth’s colder regions–to make hypotheses about previous conditions–much like a dendrologist would do by studying tree rings. In 1998, […]

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Thought you’d enjoy this slide show of the various and remarkable waterbirds that Theodore Cross has photographed, compliments of The New York Times. [Cross’ voice reminds me a little of my UCLA professors–very monotone and non-exuberant, but hang in there, it’s still interesting…] Cross photographed many of his birds on Christmas Island in the Indian […]

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Thin Places

Kevin Kaiser posted this video on his blog last Saturday, in which he discusses how all artists (songwriters, painters, sculptors, speakers, writers…I would add in here, parents*) are in this thin place where heaven and earth touch. We, as artists, talk about more than we know.  We talk about love and grace and truth, in […]

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Have You Had a Snow Day Yet?

Well, if you’re in a wintry area of the country like I am, then the answer is probably a resounding “yes!” I found the best website for filling up those snow-blanketed days with creative activities.  5 Orange Potatoes, which you can view here.  I’d start with the Snow Cream.  Obviously, it’s why you’re all wondrously […]

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