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Why It’s Important To Know Where Your Food Comes From

Let’s be honest with each other, just for a minute.  When this subject matter (the state of our environment) comes up, it creates guilt all around.  If I’m recycling, I expect you to recycle.  If you’re using energy-saving light bulbs, and I’m not, you’re miffed.  It’s really not conducive to a working relationship. So, I […]

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What’s Coming Up This Week?

Hello, you.  Are you awake this morning?  Rarin’ to go? I’m not…quite…but I’ll get there.  Another sip of coffee.  There.  Now, I’m good to go. We have so much to chat about this week.  I’ve just seen Food, Inc. Gross is one word for it.  Enlightening is another.  Anger and frustration are a few more […]

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Summer Rain

We’ve been getting thunderstorms almost every evening.  The other night, hail rattled the windows, and the lightning lit up the skies like daylight.  I love the rain, but that may be because I’m not homeless.  I can watch the show from the comfort of my own couch. All green things are drinking deep, which also […]

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For us, summer evenings mean fires out on the deck, picnics by the barn, and fireflies. There’s something mesmerizing about fireflies–their gentle and unpredictable dance of twinkling lights.  The whole sight makes you want to join them…or at least chase them. Here’s one of my favorites from Owl City.  Ready to get your groove on? […]

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Inevitable Is A Lazy Word

“It’s inevitable; there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m so tired of that word inevitable.  That’s part of the vocabulary of a very lazy people.” —Wendell Berry Wendell Berry’s thoughts on the oil spill [on Religion & Ethics News Weekly].  How can we be a part of the solution? I feel almost irreverent doing […]

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