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Have you seen The Help yet?  Marvelous.  It’s one of the first times in my reading and movie-going experience I thought the book (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) and movie were both superb.  Yes, I know they’ve received quite a lot of criticism, but I think the critics have been focusing on all the wrong things. […]

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Why It’s Important To Know Where Your Food Comes From

Let’s be honest with each other, just for a minute.  When this subject matter (the state of our environment) comes up, it creates guilt all around.  If I’m recycling, I expect you to recycle.  If you’re using energy-saving light bulbs, and I’m not, you’re miffed.  It’s really not conducive to a working relationship. So, I […]

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Sites To Browse During Your Day

Fun things for a Thursday morning. The National Film Board of Canada has released a new (and free) app for the iPad or iPhone, allowing viewers to see thousands of free documentaries, animations, and trailers in their archives.  [Download here.]  You can stream them on the web as well.  Perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend, […]

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Questions to Consider

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m going to be introducing new ways of looking at and interacting with data and information, and if you have already been-there-done-that, I apologize, but perhaps you’ll find that all of this is worth a second or third or fourth look.  Maybe not, and that’s okay, too. Today, I’m asking […]

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Big Ideas Online

Remember how I said yesterday that this whole journey is going to take a while?  Remember how I mentioned that it’s good to surround yourself with great discussions–whether or not you agree with them? Wanna practice, but in a fun way? Here are six excellent websites to explore.  They’ll blow your mind…and keep you interested […]

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