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Fun things for a Thursday morning.

The National Film Board of Canada has released a new (and free) app for the iPad or iPhone, allowing viewers to see thousands of free documentaries, animations, and trailers in their archives.  [Download here.]  You can stream them on the web as well.  Perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend, no?

Have you ever wanted to see what a Twinkie’s made of?  Here’s Dwight Eschliman’s picture display of the 37 or so ingredients in a Twinkie.

For you writers out there, there’s a lovely reprint of Anne Lamott’s essay on writing at Lindsey Mead Russell’s A Design So Vast.

Salon’s Rebecca Traister’s “The New Single Womanhood” article, for all “you women not necessarily looking for a man.”

Tea Party Jesus: “The concept behind the site Tea Party Jesus is simple: Put the words of conservative Christian social and political figures in the mouth of Christ. The juxtaposition of hateful, ignorant, or otherwise nonsensical rants with serene photos of JC himself isn’t only funny, but says a lot about the people who claim to be Christians.”  Yikes!  Here are Huffington Post’s 14 favorites (including Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Barbara Bush, John McCain…).  Pretty sad, actually, if these people really did say these things.

And on the off chance that any of you do not know about Pandora Radio, I’m introducing you.  Pandora Radio, Dear Reader.  Dear Reader, Pandora Radio.  It’s a website that streams your favorite songs, and not just your favorites, but songs similar to the ones you’ve selected for your “radio station.”  You can create up to 100 “unique” stations (with a different “feel” to each of them…to fit your mood, of course).  I’ve found so many new artists this way.  And now you can, too.

Happy Thursday.  May your day be sunny, inside or out.

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