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Angel of Death

We’re traveling today, so I’m going to write a short post. Last night, Dan and I finished watching After the Truth, a 1999 German film about Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” responsible for killing and experimenting on vast numbers of people headed to Auschwitz’s gas chambers. As you may know, in 1979 Mengele […]

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Evolution and Charles Darwin

Dan and I and little L. have recently flown to a faraway tropical island.  On the plane I tried to catch up on my Speaking of Faith podcasts.  One in particular, that I’d been eager to listen to, was “Evolution and Wonder: Understanding Charles Darwin.” You’d think that since my training was in the biological […]

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Requests for Actual Biblical Account of Eve

One question that keeps popping up, from people who’ve already read Eve, is: Which parts are truth, and which parts are fiction? Needless to say, I’m not expecting you, my dear readers, to know the original account of Adam and Eve and their children.  In fact, it may only confuse you.  But for those interested […]

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Momentous Day

No matter what your background, how you voted, or who you are, you cannot deny that today marked a milestone in American history.  For someone like President Obama to come from where he’s been, with his roots, with relatively little experience, shows that an underdog has a chance to equal opportunity in America. I’ve been […]

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Ramize in Kosovo

I’ve been a little low the past two days, and I know it’s directly related to the 24/7 kind of schedule I’m keeping with Liliana.  I’m fully aware that I need to remember how good I have it, and that I chose this hands-on motherhood path for a reason.  So my thoughts have been on […]

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