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Kindle 2

Who knew I would break down and buy a Kindle–me, with a study full of floor-to-ceiling bookcases?  Well, actually, that first part is not quite right.  Dan bought it for me, after lugging around my 15-20 extra pounds of books in our luggage whenever we go on trips. The Kindle 2 came in the mail […]

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The Question of God

I’m not ready yet to talk about whether or not God exists, because right now I believe He does.  The question for today is: if you believe in God, what kind of God do you believe in (and this is with the full realization that Nietzsche accused us Christians of doing this very thing…creating the […]

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Now the Day is Over

Today, we had a snow day, which means there was no school, even though the snow didn’t begin until an hour after Liliana would have come home from her morning Montessori class.  Needless to say, I did not accomplish much today, at least on my seemingly important (although not) To-Do List. So, today I’m going […]

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More News on Eve!

Tonight, I’m reading at Open Book in Minneapolis–the home, too, of The Loft Literary Center–both of which are staunch supporters of writers.  I know.  I was one of the recipients of their Loft Mentor Series in 2003-2004, and it was a wonderful experience.  It wasn’t until then I began to see that writing was a […]

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So.  My husband and I watched Religulous, Bill Maher’s controversial documentary blasting organized religion. Here’s my humble hypothesis.  You will emerge during the credits with one of two attitudes: indignant rage or well-yeah-that’s-kind-of-how-it-is. Dan and I felt the latter, and Dan and I consider ourselves Christians (or Jesus followers, because that says who we really […]

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