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A Jumble of Astonishing Things

Full disclosure: I know both artists I’m highlighting today. I’m enamored with what they’re both doing.  If you’re worried that I might be the teensiest bit subjective on topics such as these, I’d protest and say that I hold you, my reader, in high regard, and I would only recommend things I care about…and wish […]

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Two Questions To Carry With You

In this month’s O Magazine, Martha Beck has an article about how the average person will earn $700,000 over his or her entire lifetime, and if you think of it in that way, you might ask yourself: WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR $700,000? Her obvious claim is that “people who don’t consciously renounce unneeded, […]

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All I Need Is Everything

This…from ImageUpdate (a bi-weekly newsletter I get in my e-mail inbox)–a new (and somewhat personal) way to get your fans to invest in you! I was intrigued, probably because I’ve loved Over the Rhine’s music for a long time.  I’ll let ImageUpdate explain: Over the Rhine and Joe Henry to Make a Record–With Your Help […]

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Pie in a Jar & Free E-Books

Lots of fun stuff today. Weekends are full of special things.  Crepes with Nutella this morning.  Yum. My mouth waters just looking at Our Best Bite’s Single Serving Pie in a Jar.  What a great idea!  I’m not sure mine would make it to the freezer first, though, as directed… And just yesterday I received […]

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Paperback of Eve

Good news for all you people waiting to buy the paperback edition of Eve.  It’s out, in bookstores everywhere.  Perfect for your book club.  More gentle on the pocket book. You’ll notice that the publisher has changed the cover art…and shortened the title.  I think it’s eye-catching, don’t you? I’m also happy to add that […]

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