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Love is…

My husband emptying the dishwasher…unbidden. My daughter telling me, “You look beautiful today,” even when I’m wearing sweats and I haven’t combed my hair. A friend sending me a “good morning, sunshine!” e-mail on her way to take her kids to school. A note from a stranger, saying sweet things about Eve. The UPS guy […]

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Marcelo in the Real World

This book is unputdownable, mesmerizing, and heartbreaking. Marcelo Sandoval is a seventeen-year-old boy who has an autism-like impairment.  He hears music in his head, has an infatuation with religious sayings, and has difficulty reading people’s mannerisms.  When his father asks him to enter “the real world” of a law firm for a summer, he reluctantly […]

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There Are Lessons To Learn…Even When You’re the Boss

Yesterday, my daughter jumped on her cot at preschool, instead of taking a nap. The end of the world, right?  No.  But it felt like it, because this wasn’t an isolated incident.  Granted, she’s copying another little boy in her class, but still… Thing is: she knows the consequences.  She recites her consequences…then does it […]

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Song for Today

Today calls for a good song. Who else, but Brandi Carlile? Enjoy! [Post image: Brandi Carlile]

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When We Fail

My mom told me a story last night.  About a small failure of hers–and when I say small, I mean small.  Of course, she knew it wasn’t a failure.  There’s no such thing, really.  There are moments of murkiness that turn into clarity, and these are the very moments that teach us the most. Thank […]

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