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Sometimes You Need a Good Nite Lite

If you live in the upper latitudes, you’ll know that daylight is a fleeting thing, and its hours are constantly changing.  This is confusing to a little girl who doesn’t know how to tell time yet. So. We’ve bought a Good Nite Lite, which has not only saved us, but delights her every time it […]

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Vintage Seed Packet Sugar Cookies

C’mere.  I want to show you something that will blow your socks off. See those sugar cookies above?  The ones with the photograph-perfect seed packet pictures on them?  Pssst.  They’re edible.  Yep, you got it.  The wafer-thin paper is made of potato starch, vegetable oil, and water…and placed over the cookie using corn syrup and […]

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Kindle 2

Who knew I would break down and buy a Kindle–me, with a study full of floor-to-ceiling bookcases?  Well, actually, that first part is not quite right.  Dan bought it for me, after lugging around my 15-20 extra pounds of books in our luggage whenever we go on trips. The Kindle 2 came in the mail […]

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Erin McGuire

Finding an artist who speaks to your heart is like eating sugar and cinnamon toast.  It’s inspiring; it fills you up; and it’s delicious, all at the same time. Through another blog, I discovered Erin McGuire whose art evokes a sort of wistfulness–I think that’s the correct word.  Her “Penelope” just arrived in the mail, […]

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Well, little Liliana surprises us every day–her facial expressions, her all-out laughter, her memory of things. My life has slowed down.  That’s a good thing.  She wants to learn kinesthetically, and this, of course, makes any chore drag out to infinity.  After the umpteenth time of lifting her on top of the kitchen island where […]

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