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Talking with Liliana

Needless to say, we understand very little of what Liliana is saying, but it’s a riot to watch her go on and on.  She blinks her eyes and flips her hands about, as though she really is saying something.  Since we’re nearing Election Day (yep, it’s here, folks!), I’ll liken it to a politician (a […]

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Dan and I have been emboldened to try our own hand at creative art pieces, after seeing how artists are generally not appreciated during their lifetimes (ha, ha!).  Dan has just finished a fantastic painting in a Van Gogh style red-on-red.  Very interesting.  I’m taking it to the art store today to get it framed.  […]

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Well, little Liliana surprises us every day–her facial expressions, her all-out laughter, her memory of things. My life has slowed down.  That’s a good thing.  She wants to learn kinesthetically, and this, of course, makes any chore drag out to infinity.  After the umpteenth time of lifting her on top of the kitchen island where […]

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Eve: A Novel

I’ve been thinking about how people will receive Eve.  An artist always contemplates these things, I guess, before their art’s actual debut.  [In my case, it’s not until January.] Certainly, not everyone will like the novel, and that’s to be expected.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll remember how I explained that everyone has different […]

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When Rejection Is Good

We’ve gone to Paris twice now, and I have to say that each time we’ve gone, I’m amazed at how many famous artists were rejected and ridiculed during their lifetimes.  When you enter a museum, you’re given the option of renting a handheld recorder with options in various languages.  Each painting or piece of art […]

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