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I Want To Go To There

Tina Fey has said that her three-year-old’s cute phrasing sometimes ends up on 30 Rock–one of which is the phrase, “I want to go to there.” Do your days look like this?  [From the Blue Yonder Ranch website] Do you want them to look differently?  Now granted, the same amount of information could have been […]

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Monsters of Folk

Tonight.  Orpheum Theatre. Four clever dudes (from various bands) got together to collaborate on a new album.  You know them as Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes, Jim James from My Morning Jacket, M. Ward who’s done several CDs now (one with Zooey Deschanel in She and Him), and Mike Mogus who’s a producer […]

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Growing is About Giving and Observing

I love Elsa Mora’s sweet exposition on growing, complete with her lovely illustrations. You can read and view here. [Post image: Zen Girl by Elsa Mora]

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I’ve taken an intermittent hiatus the last couple of days, from writing blog posts, because we’re all suffering from the flu (or something similar). I thought I was being diligent, responsible, when I signed little L and myself up for the flu mist (the vaccine not being available here until November).  The nurse told us, […]

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A Discovery

I’ve discovered another poet I love–David Whyte. Since I’ll run into copyright issues, should I include some of his poetry here, I’ll provide you with the links instead. They are perfect for anytime, but especially good for a Sunday afternoon read with tea and cookies.  [Click on the poem titles to read.] Start with “Self-Portrait.” […]

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