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God as Literary Character – Part 3

I’ve finished the book…meaning the book God: A Biography by Jack Miles. Here are the last of my jumbled-up thoughts for you to ponder on this beautiful, frozen Tuesday.  [It’s one of those days where the frost lines each skinny tree limb, giving the illusion that each massive tree could crack into a million pieces.] […]

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God as Literary Character – Part 2

I’ve been reading God: A Biography by Jack Miles, and have found so many things worth thinking about.  For my preliminary thoughts, see yesterday’s post here. We are all our fathers and our mothers, in that we inherited 23 chromosomes from one, and 23 from the other.  We have nothing all our own.  That said, […]

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Was Handel Gay?

I don’t think the answer to this question really matters, unless you base your ability to enjoy Handel’s Messiah on it.  Or any of Handel’s works, for that matter. I didn’t know there was a controversy, but if you read this delightful piece by John Ito, “Handel–Another Gay Anglican?” in Books & Culture’s November/December 2009 […]

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Pagan Christianity?

As promised.  My take on the first of two books that have been on my mind recently. It doesn’t surprise me that Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna is ridiculed online and elsewhere by some from the Christian community.  After all, when you attempt to kill certain sacred cows, you’ll only reap condemnation […]

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A Genesis Comic Book (For Adults Only!)

The Book of Genesis by R. Crumb came across my desk this week.  Who knew?  R. Crumb illustrates the whole of Genesis, using the unabridged words of the Bible. I’d give you more pictorial examples; however, I’m not sure who in my audience will be offended at seeing nudity, so I’ll hold off.  [I’m showing […]

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