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The Only Student You’ll Ever Have is You

Who told us as children that a hummingbird never rests–that it will never sit still and drink?  I’m not sure, but I’m here to tell you it ain’t so.  The picture above is proof enough. I’ll never get enough of these feisty, delicate birds.  They are absolutely breathtaking.  And then I wonder why I think […]

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Make Peace With the Moment

Have you ever had a period of discouragement, of wanting to hole up and lick your wounds, of trying to remember why you’ve chosen the route in life you have? I’m convinced these downer days have nothing to do with my actual life.  I’ve simply lost that fervor and enthusiasm I once had.  It’s an […]

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Art Lessons and Resources for Kids

I found Deep Space Sparkle yesterday.  Love at first sight, I must say.  Patty Goleta is an art teacher at two elementary schools in CA, and here are a sampling of her art projects, divided by age groups.  The name Deep Space Sparkle is Patty’s favorite Crayon color, “conjuring up spoonfuls of imagination and endless […]

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Regina Spektor’s New Album & Merwin Poem

Last week, NPR’s First Listen featured one of my favorite artist’s new albums–Far.  You can listen to the whole album here.  There’s just something about Regina Spektor’s music that sets my whole spirit alight.  Thanks, Clare and Clara, for both sending me links! Here’s Regina’s song “Laughing With.”  After you’ve danced a little, scroll down […]

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Women in the Church

The original posting of this hilarious and half-facetious Top 10 list came from Rick Ellis’s The Journey blog, which he took it from his ministry partner Tara Healy’s Facebook post, which I don’t have access to, because I’m not her friend! Why is it that women’s roles in the church have dwindled to almost nothing […]

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