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On Cloud Nine

Being surrounded (inundated is a better word) by my daughter’s active imagination, and not always feeling as creative or clever, I recently found this pixyish commercial and thought, “Ah, yes, it’s still there, that inventive beast, in my dying, calcifying heart!” Silly?  Yes.  Indulgent?  Yes.  Delightful?  Most definitely. Now, if only I could shop there… […]

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Sandpaper Letters

The time has come.  No longer can I avoid straight-out “teaching.”  Liliana is aching to learn her letters.  After figuring out that I couldn’t possibly beat this price at Kid Advance by doing it myself (in a way that Liliana cannot possibly destroy the cards), I’ve caved in and shelled over the money. Today, we […]

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The Chicken or the Egg?

I had a lovely dinner with my Books & Culture editor John Wilson and his wife on Saturday evening.  Wendy made the most fantastic meal–a delicious soup from Simply in Season (which reminded me to pull it out of my cookbook cupboard when I returned home!), the most savory fish-and-caper-over-rice meal, with a delicious side […]

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Historical Novels

I’m back.  This weekend I attended the Historical Novel Society Conference in Schaumberg, Illinois, to give a talk assigned to me: “Biblical Fiction: Is It An Oxymoron?”  Which I said a wholehearted “no” to, in so many words. As I’ve stated before, in my mind and heart, I wrote Eve as literary fiction.  This was […]

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I don’t know where I’ve been, but I actually listened to the lyrics of this song yesterday, and thought they were thought-provoking and inclusive, and although many Christians today bemoan the fact that everything has become relative, I’d counter to say that people who have been hurt by the church have thrown everything out in […]

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