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Sacred Spaces

Years ago, when I was teaching high school biology, we’d always come to the spring months where we began our unit on animal biology.  This was superbly fun for me, because it allowed me to show the wide diversity of life, through snorkeling videos, through dissections, through games that illustrated population biology–all in a hands-on […]

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The Evil Witch

Liliana and I have an early morning ritual, where she toddles up to our room at about 6:15 (she has a sun night light that illuminates when it’s time) and climbs into bed in between Dan and me, snuggling up to both of us.  “I love you so much, Mom.  I love you so much, […]

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Summer Rain

We’ve been getting thunderstorms almost every evening.  The other night, hail rattled the windows, and the lightning lit up the skies like daylight.  I love the rain, but that may be because I’m not homeless.  I can watch the show from the comfort of my own couch. All green things are drinking deep, which also […]

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Blogs for a Sunday

I keep a running list of blog mainstays on my main blog page, but recently I received a small pay-it-forward type of blog award, so I thought I’d take this Sunday morning to share some of my current reads…and to share the love. The award comes with certain rules, which I am blatantly ignoring (so […]

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A Theory of Everything

Recently I’ve done a few posts on empathy and inclusivity, so now I thought I’d tackle the science behind it all.  If that makes your eyes glaze over, don’t worry, I’ll explain it as clearly as I can.  Don’t you want to know how science can be integrated with spirituality?  Or is it just me? […]

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