Blogs for a Sunday

I keep a running list of blog mainstays on my main blog page, but recently I received a small pay-it-forward type of blog award, so I thought I’d take this Sunday morning to share some of my current reads…and to share the love.

The award comes with certain rules, which I am blatantly ignoring (so sorry!).  I just don’t have the time to fulfill all of them.

First, I want to thank my friend Cynthia at A Life Profound for sending me the original award.  I met her on Magpie Girl’s Flock (a “Nesting Place for Restless Souls”).  How cool is that?

Then I want to thank two others–Angie Cox and Renae Cobb at Random Ramblings of an Accidental Poet–who included my blog in their subsequent blog lists.

Besides the three I’ve just mentioned above (and not including those on my main blog page), here are ten more I’m currently reading:


Communitas Collective: A Place for the Rest of Us.

Jim Palmer’s Divine Nobodies: Shedding Religion to Find God.

Don Roger’s Reflections (another “believer in exile”).


Lindsey Mead Russell’s A Design So Vast.

Gina Sekelsky’s Rich Inner Life.

Mary Beth LaRue’s ananda.

In the Kitchen:

Jules Blaine Davis at Renaissance Mamas.

Cool stuff:

Open Culture: The Best Cultural and Educational Media on the Web.

Beauty and art:

Pia Jane Bijkerk’s enhance the everyday.

Business (Using the Web):

Julien Smith’s In Over Your Head.

Happy browsing.  I hope the rest of your Sunday is spectacular.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning!

[Post image: Breakfast in Vellano, Antica by juandpaolo on stock.xchng]

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