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Remembering the Joy in Living

Today, I’m going to share two poems.  The first encapsulates what I feel when I open the windows and doors in the spring–and hear the wind in the trees, the birdsong in the air, the chatter of squirrels, the rush of the stream down below.  The second is my experience now.  I can’t find God, […]

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Wonder of Colors

Orchids make me happy.  They’re drops of brilliant color that break up all that winter white. Cardinals do the same thing for me.  We seem to have several families of cardinals out our back windows, which surprises us because we know they can be quite territorial. What makes you happy?  What makes your day sing?

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This morning, after a breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and banana bread, Liliana reaches up and says, “Hold you?”  We sit on the patio overlooking the beach and the palm trees, and she says, “Listen!” “Palm trees,” she exclaims and waves her hands back and forth. “Noisy bird,” she says.  She mimics his cry. “Whoosh!  Big […]

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Evolution and Charles Darwin

Dan and I and little L. have recently flown to a faraway tropical island.  On the plane I tried to catch up on my Speaking of Faith podcasts.  One in particular, that I’d been eager to listen to, was “Evolution and Wonder: Understanding Charles Darwin.” You’d think that since my training was in the biological […]

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Novelist as God & Clever Learning Ideas

This week’s Speaking of Faith broadcast “Novelist as God” piqued my interest, for in the outlining and writing of Eve, I was playing God.  I had to ponder questions like: Was the Garden a perfect place?  Did Adam and Eve have sex in the Garden?  Did Adam and Eve have children in the Garden?  Were […]

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