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Calm and Compassionate Children

Our babysitter arrived at our house yesterday with a sudden bloody nose.  She was highly embarrassed, of course (which there was no reason to be) but as she sat on our couch with her head back, Liliana hovered.  “Are you okay?” she said.  “Are you okay?”  Then Liliana went into the pantry where we keep […]

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Fox Snake

First things first.  Sara, if you’re reading, sit down and breathe deeply.  Yes, this snake was on our property where your girls have played happily and freely, but it’s non-venomous, and it wouldn’t hurt a flea–well, that’s not quite true–it strangulates then eats chipmunks and birds and small rodents.  NOT young girls.  Are you breathing […]

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Sometimes it’s imperative to stop and smell (wait, maybe the better word is “touch” or “look” for this one!) the earthworms.  Liliana’s fascinated with them and holds them up to watch them wriggle.  If they’re stiff and gravelly, she says, “Dead,” and lays them back down.  Dan says, “Why don’t you eat it?” and Liliana […]

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Mother’s Plunge: Retreat and Renewal

Okay, here’s an opportunity for all you exhausted and depleted mothers out there (isn’t that all of us?).  I’m disappointed I can’t take advantage of it, but I thought I should tell you about it, in case you can. Karen Maezen Miller is holding a one-day Mother’s Retreat in Sierra Madre, California.  Even though she’s […]

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A Year of Mornings

I’m enjoying an unusual book called A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart.  It’s a simple idea, yet so very clever…and endearing.  I’m contemplating doing this with someone.  It would even be a spectacular project for kids learning how to use a camera. The two authors are friends.  Mav lives in Portland, Maine, Stephanie in […]

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