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Questions to Consider

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m going to be introducing new ways of looking at and interacting with data and information, and if you have already been-there-done-that, I apologize, but perhaps you’ll find that all of this is worth a second or third or fourth look.  Maybe not, and that’s okay, too. Today, I’m asking […]

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Rilke Poem For Today

Du, Nachbar Gott, wenn ich dich manchesmal You, God, who live next door– If at times, through the long night, I trouble you with my urgent knocking– this is why: I hear you breathe so seldom. I know you’re all alone in that room. If you should be thirsty, there’s no one to get you […]

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Spiritual Grace

Okay.  So.  I’ve been thinking about our rapid and unsavory judgments of other people, especially in the area of spirituality.  [It spills over into the political realm, and so many others as well, but for now, I want to deal with the “religious” aspect.] As you may already know, I come from an extremely conservative […]

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God as Literary Character

I’m devouring this book–God: A Biography by Jack Miles.  Of course, I’m hoping some of it will be useful and translatable for my second novel.  [Jack Miles, “a former Jesuit, pursued religious studies at Pontifical Gregorian College, Rome, and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and holds a doctorate in Near Eastern languages from Harvard University.”] The Bible […]

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A Long Way From Tipperary

Although not all of Crossan’s book A Long Way From Tipperary was riveting to me (I skimmed the personal parts, devoured the spiritual thoughts), I found a few nuggets that meant something to me.  [Crossan is an ex-monk, ex-priest who’s written myriads of books on the historical Jesus.] If you, dear reader, have followed my […]

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