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Franny and Zooey

Why haven’t I read this novel until now?  Why, oh why?  Why wasn’t it the first thing I picked up after Catcher in the Rye? I’m not sure. WARNING: for those of you who have chosen, in life, not to surround yourself with bad language, then this is not the book, nor the post, for […]

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Chances are you haven’t heard of this show, because NBC moved it to Saturday nights, following four dismally rated airings.  The whole shebang has already been shown…and been shelved…never to return.  Season 2 has been canceled. It’s a shame, because the show is mesmerizing.  [I found it after the fact.] Based loosely on the David […]

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The Faith Club

I’ve just had the most surreal experience in reading The Faith Club.  I thought I was alone in my thinking processes (don’t we all?), but it turns out I’m not.  I thought I had veered crazily from my faith, but it turns out, not so much.  From religion, yes.  From faith, no. Three women–Ranya Idliby […]

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Finding Purpose in Pain

I feel a little inept at commenting on poet Cairns’ book (The End of Suffering: Finding Purpose in Pain by Scott Cairns), simply because I’ve already dealt with the universal problem of suffering in Eve (for myself).  That statement sounds more grandiose than I intended.  “Dealt with suffering” is never as final as a door […]

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More On the God I Don’t Understand

Yesterday I had some thoughts on Christopher J. H. Wright’s The God I Don’t Understand, and today I’ll continue some of those thoughts, if you don’t mind. Speaking of the “offence of evil,” I agree with Wright that God’s curse way-back-when does not refer “to an intrinsic (or ontological, if you like such words) curse […]

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