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The Shack

I thought I could avoid this little chat altogether until I read Katherine Jeffrey’s review of The Shack in Books & Culture, January/February 2010.  You can read it here. Jeffrey was brief and fair on the literary merit of The Shack.  The book is not beautifully written, but then the message is not in the […]

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Muhammad’s Favorite Wife

What is truth, really?  How do we separate what we’ve been told in childhood from truth?  And how do we find the truth as adults?  For some of us, finding it is imperative, because somewhere, buried deep in our bone marrow is the feeling that some things are true, some are false.  The difficult question […]

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Alcohol’s Not the Only Thing That Can Sink You

Well.  I needed this book.  Or the tears streaming from my eyes said I did. And before you say, “But Elissa, why?  You’re not an alcoholic, and you live a pretty good life,” I’m gonna hold my hand up right there, in front of your face, and retort, “But everyone’s got a hell in their […]

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Was Handel Gay?

I don’t think the answer to this question really matters, unless you base your ability to enjoy Handel’s Messiah on it.  Or any of Handel’s works, for that matter. I didn’t know there was a controversy, but if you read this delightful piece by John Ito, “Handel–Another Gay Anglican?” in Books & Culture’s November/December 2009 […]

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It’s no mistake that several of my posts in the last week have been about waiting and playing.  Can you tell ideas are percolating?  It’s true.  They have to simmer a while before I can put an outline down…then put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).  I’m still stuck on bits of that […]

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