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Dancing & Viktor Frankl

As I sit writing this, the sun has gone behind the mountain across the bay from our villa.  The gray clouds are lined with a peachy-pink, and the clear blue sky on the other side shines through.  It’s just rained, and night is falling.  Ah, such a beautiful sight.  But not quite as beautiful as […]

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Infinity Pool

We have flown to a sunnier, warmer place for two weeks, and we’ve taken along my sister Worthy, Liliana’s auntie and namesake. It was a quiet weekend, spent by and in the pool, listening to iPod mixes, mixing drinks, and eating crackers and Camembert and prosciutto.  Today, we take little L to the beach for […]

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Bouquets, Bach, Dawkins, and One More Eve Review!

Today, it’s another hodgepodge. Liliana and I made fall flower arrangements today.  The one above was for Liliana’s small table in our living room.  She was ecstatic she had one all to herself. Liliana doesn’t like the television, or at least she’s not the least bit interested right now.  That’s my girl!  But I was […]

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The Power of Now, Part 2

I keep arguing with this book as I’m reading it, but Tolle makes some good points.  Things to think about. I agree that we only have the now, the present moment.  If you believe in God and eternity, you have that, too, but you can’t live that part of your life now.  You can only […]

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The God Question

Liliana surprises us at every turn–delightfully so.   She shrieks and laughs and runs and wants to play kissy-face (where she places her palms on our cheeks and pulls us in to kiss us on the lips repeatedly).  She’s impressionable and mimics everything.  The astonishing thing is that sometimes she waits a day to pull […]

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