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Parenting Doldrums

As any new parent, I’m feeling a little worn around the edges–exhausted, depleted, and discouraged.  So, I’m ready for our upcoming trip to the southern regions of this world where there are sandy beaches and ample sun and fabulous food.  It will be good for continued bonding with Liliana and good for the spirit (because, […]

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The day is cloudy.  The birds are flitting about the bird feeder (juncos, cardinals, woodpeckers, and nuthatches), and the quaking aspen are standing guard out front.  A great day for a fire in the fireplace. I’m spending the day with my two most favorite people in all the world.  We’ll have a Thanksgiving meal, then […]

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Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Have you heard of the four books out by Skylight Paths Publishing called, in order, Spring: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, Summer: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, Autumn: A Spiritual Biography of the Season, Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season?  They’re wonderful books that include short snippets of poetry or prose or […]

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Fiction Writing Suggestions

Today, I feel tapped out–in all ways.  I’m not feeling very creative, nor am I getting much writing done.  It’s discouraging to have come this far (to the publication stage), then experience such doldrums.  But I rest in the fact that it can’t last too long (oh, please, don’t tell me differently!), and we’ll all […]

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Eve Excerpt and Review Clarification

Last night, we had our monthly movie club night where we get together to eat dinner, watch a movie, then nosh on dessert while we discuss.  We watched Gone, Baby, Gone, which Dan and I had seen once before.  It’s a great discussion movie if you haven’t seen it.  I found it fascinating that the […]

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