Eve Excerpt and Review Clarification

Last night, we had our monthly movie club night where we get together to eat dinner, watch a movie, then nosh on dessert while we discuss.  We watched Gone, Baby, Gone, which Dan and I had seen once before.  It’s a great discussion movie if you haven’t seen it.  I found it fascinating that the first time I saw the movie, I agreed with the protagonist.  The second time–last night–I wasn’t so sure, and I think it was a result of all the agony we went through in the Ukraine.  It’s not a family movie, so watch it with a bunch of adult friends!

My editor has lovingly pointed out to me that the two reviews I posted yesterday are already in print–contrary to what I thought.  They simply cannot–ever–be used in full, since they’re copyright-protected as a short story or novel might be.  So, there you have it.

Also, I’ve been given permission to print an excerpt of Eve. Enjoy!  Or not.  There’s no requirement for you to like it.  Seriously.  But I hope you do.  You’re getting the first chapter, which is in Eve’s voice, and the beginning of Naava’s chapter (Eve’s oldest daughter).  You’ll be missing the prologue that explains that Eve is on her death bed, and Naava has come to see her mother for the last time.

And lastly, I leave you with a tender song about parenting that my friend Laura sent me.  It’s Jonathan Coulton–”You Ruined Everything in the Nicest Way.”

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