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Blaming God for Suffering

I suppose when you read Eve, if you choose to read Eve, then you might understand that the question of suffering is one I take seriously, because it is the one thing that seems unfathomable with a loving God.  It’s not a new question.  There are voluminous books written on the subject–in every century.  Why […]

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It’s a peaceful blue night, with snow falling as thick as coconut flakes.  The turkey lumber through, tamp down the snow, and pause under the bird feeders to see if any seed might have fallen.  There are forty-eight, which is still below our record of seventy-five, all at one time. These snowed-in kind of nights […]

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Taking It In Stride

I can’t say that I’m graceful under pressure.  I can’t say that I’m grateful for any stress, be it illness or tension or unexpected difficulties.  I have to talk myself through them, as in, “Elissa, okay, yes, this awful thing is happening to you right now, but you know what?  Maybe it’s not so bad.  […]

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Why I Write

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone, and in your frustration, you grow increasingly angry and defensive, rather than stopping the escalating terror and asking yourself, “Why am I angry?  Perhaps I can use better words to express myself.”  I’m not talking about swear words (although with some people, I’m sure this works exceptionally […]

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Young at Heart

Liliana and I watched the DVD Young at Heart yesterday morning.  I thought she might love the rhythms and people–which she did.  So did I. Have you heard of this chorus of men and women (73-year-olds and above) who sings rock songs–tunes by Sonic Youth, Coldplay, The Clash, Flaming Lips?  The group originally began in […]

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