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When “Dad” is Another Word for Love

One of my greatest fears about parenting, way back when, was the possibility of being a single parent in a married relationship.  I know plenty of mothers who are.  Maybe it hasn’t been the case with us because we agreed not to let such a thing happen.  Maybe it’s because we waited 18 years to […]

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I’ve never reposted before, but I thought that today might be a good day to do so. Today is Liliana’s fourth birthday.  She’s been with us not quite two years.  She is such a delight, and we love her immensely.  [Happy Birthday, sweet girl!] Almost two years ago, we were having a heck of a […]

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Relax, Laugh, Grow

I received the most splendid invitation in the mail the other day.  I was so astounded, so touched, that I sat there looking at it for a good half hour.  Joy and expectation welled up in me, and well, I don’t know, I thought if I could bottle up how I was feeling right then, […]

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The Magician’s Elephant

I just read Kate DiCamillo’s The Magician’s Elephant last night.  It’s a quick read–not a flippant, insignificant read, by the way–but a gorgeously written fable or fairy tale, complete with both ugly truth and unbelievable hope and redemption.  It’s about believing in the impossible, making the impossible possible.  Doesn’t that sound like something every human […]

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Thank You

I can’t help but think of Liliana’s birth mother today.  I want to thank her for the gift of her daughter.  I want to tell her all the splendid things she’s missing  (not in a nah-nah-nah way, but in a genuine, “Oh, she’s beautiful and brilliant and funny…I wish you could see!”). We’ve finished our […]

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