When “Dad” is Another Word for Love

One of my greatest fears about parenting, way back when, was the possibility of being a single parent in a married relationship.  I know plenty of mothers who are.  Maybe it hasn’t been the case with us because we agreed not to let such a thing happen.  Maybe it’s because we waited 18 years to have a child.  Maybe it’s because Dan is simply born for this role of being an equal partner.

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful that Liliana treats us both equally.  She’s just as happy washing Dan’s truck as she would be running errands with me.  She thinks we’re the 3 Musketeers, and she wants to do everything we’re doing.  [I even had to go out and buy a pair of black patent shoes so she could “be like Dad.”]

This is one of our gifts to Dan for Father’s Day.  He’s been my soulmate for years now…and Liliana’s dad for almost 3.  He’s remarkable at both, and we love him to pieces.

[Post image: San Francisco photo booth, May 2010]


  1. Sylvia
    Jun 19, 2011

    What a wonderful Father’s Day present. What a beautiful family. Enjoy.

  2. Don Rogers
    Jun 20, 2011

    What a beautiful little girl! The Mom and Dad aren’t bad…. Nice family.

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