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Sleeping With Bread & Eve Readings and Signings

A while ago, when I posted about gratitude, my cousin Kristina recommended another book called Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life.  She mentioned that she and her husband use its principles each night with their kids.  [Thanks, Kristina!] Although the book includes a lot of overlap, it distills beautifully what should be a […]

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Happy Can Mean So Many Things

If you follow this blog, you’ll know I’m an avid fan of Speaking of Faith, a radio broadcast/podcast on MPR.  Topics range from Buddhism to Christianity to quantum physics.  It’s so intriguing.  [Update on 1.5.11: Speaking of Faith‘s name has been changed to Being.] Yesterday, I trekked up to Minneapolis to pick up my sister […]

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Happiness Is…

How are you doing on those New Year changes you decided to make?  Or should I say change (singular)? I’m interjecting a song in the middle of my God: A Biography revelations (see two previous posts here and here), as a reminder that gratefulness for the simplest things can change the outlook of our days […]

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Stash of Goodness

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about keeping a Gratitude Journal.  Some of you decided to join me.  Well, whether you’re keeping your gratefulness in a beautiful journal, or scribbled on Post-it Notes, it doesn’t matter.  Your mind is still processing your life…and what you have to be thankful for. I found this lovely […]

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Gratitude Journal Winners and a Poem

Ta-da!  We have the two winners of the Gratitude Journal! [May I say right now that those of you who didn’t win need to take it up with the three-year-old, as she was the Designated Chooser of the Folded-Up Pieces of Paper!]  Ach.  I wish I could give all of you journals to write your […]

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