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Turning Four

Just a personal video to share today.  You might think we’ve gone all gaga here, and we have…[Have we now entered the zone of mile-high, accordion-style photos cascading from a wallet when someone asks us, “Do you have pictures of your little girl?”] See Monday’s post if you’re confused…

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Summer Rain

We’ve been getting thunderstorms almost every evening.  The other night, hail rattled the windows, and the lightning lit up the skies like daylight.  I love the rain, but that may be because I’m not homeless.  I can watch the show from the comfort of my own couch. All green things are drinking deep, which also […]

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Blogs for a Sunday

I keep a running list of blog mainstays on my main blog page, but recently I received a small pay-it-forward type of blog award, so I thought I’d take this Sunday morning to share some of my current reads…and to share the love. The award comes with certain rules, which I am blatantly ignoring (so […]

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Word Morsels

Every once in a while, I share quotes I’ve been collecting in a rather beat-up leather journal that sits on my desk. Today is one of those days.  Enjoy! I know it’s hard to be reconciled not everything is exactly the way it ought to be but please turn around and step into the future […]

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Connecting in Silence

How much can be communicated in a room of quiet? Since March 14th, Marina Abramovic has sat in silence, across from strangers who stand in line to commune with her, in her MoMa exhibit called “The Artist is Present.”  No gestures, facial expressions, or talking.  Some stay minutes, others longer.  In addition to a live […]

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