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Remember One Thing

I’ve just finished my last book review (until I get another stack of books), and I’m on to the next thing: Liliana’s birthday this Sunday.  This will be her first birthday celebration ever–that we know of–and I’m concocting a few surprises, so she’ll learn what it is to feel like the birthday girl. We’re celebrating […]

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Fairy Gardens & Circuses

Well.  Humph.  Who knew that a child could hold more interest than a circus (for us)?  Oh, the joy on her face!  The surprise!  The wide-eyed delight!  Obviously, she can’t stop talking about Cirque du Soleil, and Dan and I can’t stop talking about her.  It was a hit. Here she is watering her fairy […]

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Cirque du Soleil

We’re headed to Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza tonight.  We’ve been preparing Liliana with YouTube clips of their various shows.  “Circus,” we say.  She’s mesmerized.  After she sees the video below, she asks me to lift her up and make her fly. “Whoosh,” she says.  “Whoosh.”  With shrieks of joy. It’s such a delight to show […]

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Sometimes it’s imperative to stop and smell (wait, maybe the better word is “touch” or “look” for this one!) the earthworms.  Liliana’s fascinated with them and holds them up to watch them wriggle.  If they’re stiff and gravelly, she says, “Dead,” and lays them back down.  Dan says, “Why don’t you eat it?” and Liliana […]

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Mother’s Plunge: Retreat and Renewal

Okay, here’s an opportunity for all you exhausted and depleted mothers out there (isn’t that all of us?).  I’m disappointed I can’t take advantage of it, but I thought I should tell you about it, in case you can. Karen Maezen Miller is holding a one-day Mother’s Retreat in Sierra Madre, California.  Even though she’s […]

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