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Loving without Caring

Sounds like an oxymoron, no? In Martha Beck’s O Magazine article this month (“I Don’t Care”), she talks about the need for “detached attachment,” which counteracts the fact that “caring—with its shades of sadness, fear, and insistence on specific outcomes—is not love.” Her eye-opening exercise? Think about it.  Your loved one’s change would be icing […]

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When “Dad” is Another Word for Love

One of my greatest fears about parenting, way back when, was the possibility of being a single parent in a married relationship.  I know plenty of mothers who are.  Maybe it hasn’t been the case with us because we agreed not to let such a thing happen.  Maybe it’s because we waited 18 years to […]

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Growing Things

We are officially green.  After what seemed an eternity, the crabapple trees are blossoming (white!  pink!  red!), and we’re seeing the fresh, lime green leaves uncurl on the branches.  Such a happy color—green.  Don’t you think? Thought I’d share a couple of projects Liliana has been working on. First, her fairy garden.     A […]

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The Power of Love

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the fact that you, my dear reader, may disagree strongly with me on the issue I’m raising today.  And that’s quite all right.  I just wanted to present you with another side of the story—how the power of love works, in all situations. I’m talking about same-sex marriage, […]

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The Spider and the Sage

This is dedicated to my sister Amy who gives and gives and gives.  Some people appreciate it; some don’t.  But she keeps giving anyway. Worse, she’s misunderstood.  A lot.  And that makes my heart hurt. This story reminded me of you, Ames!  I love you. [Post image: Amy with one of our beagles, September 2009]

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