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Delightful Day

A warm, sunshiny day.  Dan is feeling much better, which is a relief. We pick Liliana up at the orphanage and walk to Yalta’s port area.  She is a different girl from yesterday.  She walks the edges of the water fountains, chases after a girl carrying helium balloons (boy, is she a pistol!), and dances […]

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Screaming Girl vs. Happy Girl

Dan is still feeling too weak to walk anywhere, so I bring Liliana back to the apartment for both the morning and afternoon visits. The morning goes horribly.  She screams.  She arches her back and pushes against Dan’s chest.  She wants to be let down…or go to Mama.  Dan puts his earplugs in, holds her, […]

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Another Day Without Papa

I trek to the internet place this morning, and I’m struck by the crispness of the morning air and the sun’s low angle, striking just above the tree tops.  I love the fall season, and although we’re missing it at home (all those yellow-leafed aspen trees!), I’m getting a little dose of it here.  I’m […]

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A Little Like Sledding On Ice

Guess what?  The cherry on top of the sundae is that Dan’s sick again–this time with a sore throat.  He says it’s the worst sore throat he’s ever had.  He woke up last night to break out the antibiotics we always take on trips, and he said he actually got scared; he couldn’t get the […]

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Yalta Port

Even though we are the happy and official parents of Liliana (champagne all around!), we are still bound by certain rules.  We have to observe the visiting hours, but now we can take her “off campus,” which we do today for the first time.  She’s in shock.  So many cigarette butts to examine; so little […]

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