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My Idea of Hell

We’re both sick today–nausea, fever, chills, malaise, aches & pains.  I tell Dan that what we need next is a car crash.  That would round everything out quite nicely. We call our translator to ask her to please inform the orphanage director we won’t be visiting today.  First, it would be rude to bring germs […]

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Ball of Fire

Dan wakes up with a fever and a severe headache.  We decide that he shouldn’t visit Liliana with me this morning.  I’m a little worried about what she might think, when she doesn’t see her papa show up.  She comes willingly enough, but she peers over my shoulder for a few seconds, searching for him. […]

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Genes or Environment?

I can’t tell you how fascinating it is to watch a child who is yours, but who has none of your genes.  Truly, she’s come to us without our DNA makeup, so what she is, right now, is a mix of her parents’ genes and her environment.  This has always been a curiosity for us–which […]

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The Naming

It’s been a tough day for us. I will tell you the bad news first.  Then comes something happy, I promise. We learn today that we cannot leave the country until the middle of October, due to the judge not waiving the waiting period of ten days after the court date.  Don’t ask; I probably […]

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First Visiting Day

Today is our first visiting day at the orphanage.  We’re allowed to visit from 9:30 am to 12, then again from 4 to 6.  Today, we have to first visit the notary public to drop off forms, then we get to the orphanage about 10 am.  Later, we will have to miss the afternoon appointment […]

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