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The Caves Monastery

More gold domes, more fantastic paintings. The Kievo-Pechersky Lavra or the “Caves Monastery” is the main tourist attraction in Kiev.  The cluster of churches with clean white exteriors and green and gold rooftops is considered the spiritual heart of the Ukraine.  The Lavra dates back to when Prince Vladimir introduced Christianity as the new state […]

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English Books (!) & St. Mikhayil’s Monastery

It’s overcast all day, which is perfect, because it makes the best walking weather. While Dan writes in the morning, I grab my iPod (because as you already know, I’ve run out of all reading material!) and scroll through my podcast archives.  I love Krista Tippett’s Speaking of Faith, and although I don’t actually catch […]

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Academic Botanical Gardens & St. Vladimir’s Cathedral

Truly, each and every day we don’t expect something (in reference to adoption news), it’s a good day. Today, I am thankful for a best friend in my husband.  Today, I am thankful that we are safe from harm (or maybe that’s because I am blissfully unaware of the city’s dangers).  Today, I am thankful […]

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Christmas Ornament Metaphor

Today, we decide to do absolutely nothing.  Well, besides go to the pizza place to upload these posts and to catch up on e-mails.  Oh, and stop at our favorite cappuccino place.  And pick up some more cereal and milk and yogurt.  And spend the evening reading and talking. It was an all-around lovely day.  […]

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St. Sophia’s Cathedral

We wake up reminding each other that everything will work out. Idealistic thinking?  I don’t know.  But it sure makes the day pass more quickly.  Whatever happened to my Momma Zen moments (please see previous post by that title, if you’re stumped)?  I’m trying.  I’m really trying. Around noon, we head down Khreschatyk and through […]

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