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The Chicken or the Egg?

I had a lovely dinner with my Books & Culture editor John Wilson and his wife on Saturday evening.  Wendy made the most fantastic meal–a delicious soup from Simply in Season (which reminded me to pull it out of my cookbook cupboard when I returned home!), the most savory fish-and-caper-over-rice meal, with a delicious side […]

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Hallways and Doors

Oh my.  I go away for a day, because my body has succumbed to all the terrors of stomach flu, and when I come back, I have a small garden of comments on Tuesday’s post. Let’s see.  Before I can explain what’s happened (indeed, I thought that the incident would quite pass without me having […]

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Good Friday Questions

At the end of yesterday’s post, Bing in Birmingham posted a list of questions, which I will attempt to answer today in a VERY LONG post. They’re biggies.  Are you ready?  The questions are in bold, if you want to skip any of them.  [And Bing, I, too, like Clare, have quoted from the Bible, […]

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Loving a Child

My friend Kelly (as well as others of you who gave excellent examples!) posed a good question in the comment section of my Sunday’s post.  Sunday’s post was about eliminating those awful voices in your head, that tell you how to behave and what to say, when you know in your heart that they’re ridiculous […]

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Despair in The Sparrow

I’ve just finished The Sparrow, and I’m a little unnerved by it, to say the least.  The despair is so tangible, so grossly real, that I myself have all the same questions the hopeless Emilio expresses in the end.  And because I don’t want to ruin the awful ending for any of you who decide […]

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