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Thursday Gifts

Every once in a while, I like to share newly found quotes that I’ve recently written into my journal.  Their subjects are wide-ranging, but they’ve somehow managed to speak to me. Quotes work the same way poems do, I think.  They’re succinct, wise, and somehow offer up a fresh way of looking at things.  They […]

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Spring Surprises

Hello, you! Do you need a little lovin’?  Some inspiration?  Art for your soul?  Music for your day? Well, today is your lucky day! My first offering is Lovely Design’s March Pattern for your computer desktop.  You’ll notice that it was ostensibly made for the month of March, and we’re obviously heading into April, but […]

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Home Again

So much to tell you, and yet it’s late…and I’m exhausted. A nugget of wisdom for tonight.  You’ll hear much more from me tomorrow. From Mary Oliver’s “Swimming, One Day in August”: “About tomorrow, who knows anything. Except that it will be time, again, for the deepening and quieting of the spirit.” Deep breath in.  […]

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There is a Place Beyond Ambition When the flute players couldn’t think of what to say next they laid down their pipes, then they lay down themselves beside the river and just listened. Some of them, after a while, jumped up and disappeared back inside the busy town. But the rest— so quiet, not even […]

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Planting Questions in Story

Working out personal questions of faith within a novel might not be the best thing; however, it works for me.  [Two novels I’ve discussed within these pages, of course, that attempt to do the same thing are Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow and The Children of God, both of the science fiction genre, which I […]

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