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Playhouse & If You Lived Here

This morning, we have three book winners (for Kristin van Ogtrop’s Just Let Me Lie Down).  Well, actually, four, since I’ve decided to add one. Congrats to Megan, Angela Taylor Bisek, Ashley, and Kristi B.  Some of you commented over on my Facebook thread, so if you don’t see a name below, that’s why.  Will […]

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Just Let Me Lie Down

Before I review this book, I must preface it with a couple of personal stories, one of which happened this past Saturday.  I was away for the afternoon, signing books in a quaint small town in rural Minnesota, so my husband and daughter spent the afternoon gallivanting around town doing errands.  They stopped for sushi.  […]

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Mini-Retreat: Day Four

On this final day of our Mini-Retreat, you will be entering into this space with a rough idea of what you think your life is like now and what you want it to be.  I want to applaud you for getting this far, for it’s not easy to put a magnifying glass, so steadfastly, to […]

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