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This morning, we have three book winners (for Kristin van Ogtrop’s Just Let Me Lie Down).  Well, actually, four, since I’ve decided to add one.

Congrats to Megan, Angela Taylor Bisek, Ashley, and Kristi B.  Some of you commented over on my Facebook thread, so if you don’t see a name below, that’s why.  Will you four contact me at comment4elissa at gmail dot com, and provide your full name and address?  Your books will be on their way shortly!  Thanks for entering, y’all…

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Remember when draping myriads of blankets over chairs and/or ropes was stupendous fun?  Just the dark confines of those closed spaces felt safe…warm…and cocoonish (my word).  There’s something about small spaces, even now, that make me feel all cozy inside.

Hence, the playhouse for Liliana.  It’s small.  Who knows how long she’ll adore it?  But right now, we sit outside (it came with a small bench and chair), ordering cappuccinos from her (“No, decaf, please”), and she’s saying things like, “We don’t have that here,” to which we show shock and amazement, so she quickly adds, “Let me check,” and after rummaging around a bit, she comes back and says, “Oh yes, we do have it.  Would you like some?  Money, please.”

She asks us to ring the doorbell, and in her mailbox, she’s stashed rocks from our gravel driveway and says it’s her mail.  I’m going out there now to leave her a card.  We’ll see how she likes that.

And look.  The daffodils and hyacinths are finally up, displaying their happy faces.

All is good here.  We’re enjoying the greening and coloring of the world.

*    *    *

In other news, I’ve just finished a refreshingly stark short story collection by my friend John Jodzio–If You Lived Here You’d Already Be Home. [And I mean stark in the best way possible.  There’s no glamour here.  No hoity-toity characters here.  Just real, real, real–so much so, that you can see them, even if you know no one like them.  It’s amazing.]

John and I were participants in the Loft Mentor Series back in 2003-2004 at the Loft Literary Center (which, by the way, you can apply for until April 30), and he’s since gone on to publish a bunch of his stories in numerous literary journals…and win numerous grants and awards.  Yay, John!

The stories are offbeat.  Unexpected.  Sad.  Hopeful.  They’ve got a little of everything in them.  I told him that he should go into screenwriting–his characters are so well drawn.  They could lick you on the face; they’re that close.  Not that you would want that with most of them, but still.  That’s darn good writing.

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