Standing In It

Sometimes we’re simply standing in it–whether it be discouragement, sadness, anger, frustration, boredom, stagnation–and all we do is wonder when it will be over.  Because then life will be better.  Then we’ll be beautiful and smart and gosh-darn-it, people will like us!  Then we’ll do and say fabulous things.  Then we’ll be on top of the world.

Then, then, then.

What about now?  Why can’t we do all those fantastic things now?

You know the answer, don’t you?

You are fab.  You are brilliant and smart and gosh-darn-it, people already like you.

What are you waiting for?  A diet that will work?  That person over there to notice you?  Someone to apologize to you?  A better job–one that someone else will apply for, interview for, and hand over to you on a silver platter?  A better schedule?  A different mate?  Different children?

You’ve been given a gift.  True, it might be a slightly crazier gift than you imagined, but there it is.  Work with it.  Attend to it.  It doesn’t mean you won’t feel grief or anger or frustration.  Au contraire, my dear readers.  You will feel all those things, plus happiness and joy and contentment and peace.

You see, life is about all those things.  When you embrace its fullness, it will give back.

And if you’re a Type A like me, you have to learn not to expect the ways in which it will give back.  Look for surprises.

Then. You will be living this wild and gorgeous life you’ve been given.

*    *    *

For those of you in the Edina area tonight, do I have a special deal for you!  I’m back at Beaujo’s Wine Bar & Bistro, on 50th and France.  I’ll be signing books and reading from Eve.  The cost is $38 plus tax & gratuity & includes the book, wine, light food fare, and great conversation.  Contact Beaujo’s by email ( or call 952-922-8974 to register.  More info on my News & Events page.

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