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Fourth of July Weekend

Have you heard of the Hipstamatic iPhone app?  It’s strange, isn’t it–that now we’re tickled with that old-time, discolored look? Here’s our weekend in pictures.  Not a complete album, but a few peeks nonetheless.  Trips to Fleet Farm (a home/farm supply place) to buy supplies to fix a mailbox bashed in by teenaged vandals.  Sleeping […]

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Sacred Spaces

Years ago, when I was teaching high school biology, we’d always come to the spring months where we began our unit on animal biology.  This was superbly fun for me, because it allowed me to show the wide diversity of life, through snorkeling videos, through dissections, through games that illustrated population biology–all in a hands-on […]

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Blogs for a Sunday

I keep a running list of blog mainstays on my main blog page, but recently I received a small pay-it-forward type of blog award, so I thought I’d take this Sunday morning to share some of my current reads…and to share the love. The award comes with certain rules, which I am blatantly ignoring (so […]

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Every once in a while, I like to share a few amazing finds.  There are beautiful people, everywhere in this world, doing amazing, complicated things, and I’m always blown away by the diversity, the creativity.  When I come upon their brilliance, I want to stop what I’m doing and go join them in their adventure. […]

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Brave on the Rocks

Life is so full of messiness, isn’t it?  Questions that don’t get answered, jeans that don’t fit, feelings that get hurt, words that get said, temptations galore, orneriness that rears its head–you know, you’ve been there, I’m sure.  [Okay, I’m hoping, because selfishly, I don’t want to be alone.] With all I’ve been saying this […]

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