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Honoring Age

I’m floored by Phillip Toledano’s Days with My Father, a journal of the photographer’s ongoing relationship with his father who has lost his long-term memory.  Beautiful and sometimes sad, it’s a remarkable and poignant tribute to a father-son relationship. It makes me sad that I did not share the same experiences with my own father–something […]

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The Creative Habit

I did not feel like writing yesterday, nor today.  I thought of all sorts of excuses not to sit down at my desk.  There was some laundry to be done–maybe a sweater or two…and two pairs of jeans.  There was that bill that came in the mail on Saturday; I really should be paying it–oh, […]

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Wonder of Colors

Orchids make me happy.  They’re drops of brilliant color that break up all that winter white. Cardinals do the same thing for me.  We seem to have several families of cardinals out our back windows, which surprises us because we know they can be quite territorial. What makes you happy?  What makes your day sing?

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Amazing Wildlife

In the woods around our house, we have lots of animal activity.  We’ve been enjoying the chipmunks who love the corncobs we set out.  They’ll stretch up to the very top of the cob and, using the funniest contortions, manage to fill up their cheeks to busting, before they’ll run down the pole to their […]

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