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Day of Soul-Searching

Still, today we have no idea what awaits us on Monday.  We discuss the healthy vs. unhealthy child issue, the baby boy vs. girl issue, the possibility of having to return home to begin the adoption process all over again (if there are no healthy babies available). We’re tired, confused, and feel very much like […]

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Adoption Quandary

It’s just finished raining as we exit the Kiev airport—the sun is out, the air scrubbed clean.  The director of the Ukrainian Adoption Program and his assistant have met us, and now we’re heaving all the luggage into the back of his Navigator. As we pull out of the lot, the director turns to me.  […]

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Amazing Wildlife

In the woods around our house, we have lots of animal activity.  We’ve been enjoying the chipmunks who love the corncobs we set out.  They’ll stretch up to the very top of the cob and, using the funniest contortions, manage to fill up their cheeks to busting, before they’ll run down the pole to their […]

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Marriage: Ode to Dan

A friend once told us that having children is like a roller coaster ride–some days you’re up at the tippy-top; other days you’re zooming down to the lowest of lows. Isn’t marriage this way?  And isn’t it wonderful when it’s working well? Can I just say that I feel fortunate to be married to a […]

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The Samaritan’s Dilemma, Part 3

Is giving ingrained in us?  Do we have to do it?  Just because we know it’s right? A couple of stories from The Samaritan’s Dilemma: Should Government Help Your Neighbor.  Here, the author Deborah Stone, quotes the “Metropolitan Diary” of the New York Times: “Ned Helfand was walking past Madison Square Garden recently when a […]

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