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What I’ve Been Up To

See that swimmer in the above picture?  Yep.  Not me.  That’s what I’ll look like soon, though.  I’ve been practicing.  This past weekend, I took the most amazing two-day swim workshop sponsored by Total Immersion and the YWCA of Minneapolis.  Total Immersion’s claim is that they’ll teach you to be efficient in the water, so […]

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Questions for YOU

Okay, will you help me out today? I have three burning questions for you.  You can choose to answer one or a few or all.  It’s up to you, but bottom line, I’m looking for ideas, for solutions.  I want to see how you’re “doing” life. In your lifetime, what are the top three books […]

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Turning Four

Just a personal video to share today.  You might think we’ve gone all gaga here, and we have…[Have we now entered the zone of mile-high, accordion-style photos cascading from a wallet when someone asks us, “Do you have pictures of your little girl?”] See Monday’s post if you’re confused…

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Be Kind

There’s not much to add to this one. Lovely, timely, important, true.

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I’ve never reposted before, but I thought that today might be a good day to do so. Today is Liliana’s fourth birthday.  She’s been with us not quite two years.  She is such a delight, and we love her immensely.  [Happy Birthday, sweet girl!] Almost two years ago, we were having a heck of a […]

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