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What I’ve Learned

Sadness.  The day has arrived.  Grandma is leaving.  I’m anticipating that Liliana will fill the car with her tears when we drop Grandma off at the airport.  Another chapter of life will begin.  Isn’t that the way it always works? We explored, cooked, ate, talked, read, and talked some more.  I’m sure Liliana thought we […]

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We Are All Kin in the Desert

Good morning, my sweet readers.  I’m in the middle of a lovely week with my mother.  We’ve had the best conversations, and now, it’s raining outside (a slight drizzle), so we’re both holed up–reading, writing–just for a couple of hours or so. I give this poem to you today. For the Sake of Strangers Dorianne […]

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Two Questions To Carry With You

In this month’s O Magazine, Martha Beck has an article about how the average person will earn $700,000 over his or her entire lifetime, and if you think of it in that way, you might ask yourself: WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR $700,000? Her obvious claim is that “people who don’t consciously renounce unneeded, […]

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Harmonica Fun

One of the gifts Liliana received for her recent birthday was a harmonica, and she’s had such fun learning how to “slide” and breathe in and out, and it all sounds quite fantastic.  Who can go wrong on a harmonica? Then my mom arrived.  [She’s visiting for a week.]  And guess what?  She knew all […]

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