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Visiting the Sistine Chapel

I’ve been to Milan, but not Rome.  Rome is a place I’d like to explore, and since time and money (and a young daughter) do not allow it right now, I thought we could have a little fun on this beautiful Saturday morning. Imagine: we’re sitting in a quaint cafe not far from Vatican City, […]

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Spirituality of Parenting

Two years ago, I listened to Krista Tippett’s Speaking of Faith’s podcast on “The Spirituality of Parenting.” The guest was Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, and she and Krista discussed possible ways of fostering and nurturing spirituality in families with no religious tradition and in families with parents of different religious traditions.  The broadcast was all […]

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One More Morning

At Least Raymond Carver I want to get up early one more morning, before sunrise. Before the birds, even. I want to throw cold water on my face and be at my work table when the sky lightens and smoke begins to rise from the chimneys of the other houses. I want to see the […]

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Why It’s Important To Know Where Your Food Comes From

Let’s be honest with each other, just for a minute.  When this subject matter (the state of our environment) comes up, it creates guilt all around.  If I’m recycling, I expect you to recycle.  If you’re using energy-saving light bulbs, and I’m not, you’re miffed.  It’s really not conducive to a working relationship. So, I […]

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What’s Coming Up This Week?

Hello, you.  Are you awake this morning?  Rarin’ to go? I’m not…quite…but I’ll get there.  Another sip of coffee.  There.  Now, I’m good to go. We have so much to chat about this week.  I’ve just seen Food, Inc. Gross is one word for it.  Enlightening is another.  Anger and frustration are a few more […]

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