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The Purpose of Life is Not Necessarily To Be Happy

LOVE this quote I found on Kind Over Matter.  It makes sense somehow. What do you think? [Post image: Girl in cereal by januszek on stock.xchng]

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Art?  Books?  Free downloads?  What more could you want?  These will keep you happily sated all weekend…and beyond. Google’s online Art Project is a fabulous treasure box of panoramic photo tours of 17 major museums around the world.  Grab a latte (or beer) and enjoy.  Invite family, friends.  If you can’t travel, this is the […]

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The Reason You Are Here

Thank you, Kind Over Matter, for this sweet, joyous reminder! [Post image: Jump for Joy! by shirleybnz on stock.xchng]

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How Relationships Sometimes Change 101

What she said.  [She, being Molly McCord at Conscious Cool Chic.] Go here ->> “Spin Your Story: The Energy Ride: Human Detachment, Spiritual Love” at Kind Over Matter. [Thank you, Kelly, for sending this along.] [Post image: Bike with basket by HOLSTEBRO on stock.xchng]

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Spring Surprises

Hello, you! Do you need a little lovin’?  Some inspiration?  Art for your soul?  Music for your day? Well, today is your lucky day! My first offering is Lovely Design’s March Pattern for your computer desktop.  You’ll notice that it was ostensibly made for the month of March, and we’re obviously heading into April, but […]

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