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Since I have an interfaith audience–which I’m ecstatic about–what I’m about to tell you will shock some, will be well-duh! to others. I’ve not attended church in over a year and a half.  [This may not seem outrageous to some of you, but you have to understand, churchgoing is not negotiable where I come from.  […]

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Posing Questions

Listening to Speaking of Faith’s podcast–“Exodus, Cargo of Hidden Stories”–the other night, I loved a particular segment on the issue of asking questions.  Certainly, the Passover Seder encourages questions.  Younger children ask about the roasted egg…the bitter herbs…the chopped apples and nuts–why are they there?  As the children mature, they ask different…and harder questions. Here, […]

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It’s no mistake that several of my posts in the last week have been about waiting and playing.  Can you tell ideas are percolating?  It’s true.  They have to simmer a while before I can put an outline down…then put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).  I’m still stuck on bits of that […]

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Well, you’ll all be wondering what exactly went on at this mother’s retreat I went to on Saturday, and you’re in luck, because I shall tell you all about it.  Sidle up a little closer, friend, because I’m ready to dish all.  And every mistake I make in explaining it (because really, it’s unexplainable!) is […]

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In Praise of Doubt

The second book I’ve read recently is  Peter Berger and Anton Zijderveld’s In Praise of Doubt: How to Have Convictions Without Becoming a Fanatic.  Both authors are sociologists; Zijderveld holds an additional doctorate in philosophy. There are a plethora of great thoughts in the book; however, in this small space, I’ll highlight only a few […]

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