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I confess.  I couldn’t stop.

I kept knitting these very addicting I-Cords (from Leigh Radford’s new book Alterknits Felt: Imaginative Projects for Knitting and Felting) and came up with about 11 bracelets and rings. Then came the felting…and adorning (with beads and wire).

In the end, I had four bracelets and a few rings left over, and although I can’t promise they won’t fall apart because of my shoddy knitting (or amateur placing of the snaps or the beads), I’m willing to give them away, just to share in the joy of wearing something funky.

So.  I’ll tell you which ones are up for grabs…and explain how they work.  This first picture illustrates what the bracelet looks like before it’s wrapped around your wrist.  That small circle is a ring.

First up: a medium pink bracelet.

A deeper pink bracelet with accompanying ring.  A close-up of the ring follows.

A kelly green bracelet.

A lime green bracelet with two accompanying rings.

And then there’s the whole spiel on how to wrap it.  Here goes…

“To wear: Lay loop end flat on top of your wrist with the top of the loop farthest away from you.”

“Wrap rest of felted I-Cord around your wrist and slip end through loop.”

“Wrap back in the opposite direction around the underside of your wrist to the top side of your wrist, and snap closed.”

And here is the finished wrapped bracelet in the light of day.

Will you join me in funkiness?  If you want one, please say so in the comment section, or e-mail me at comment4elissa at gmail dot com.

Deadline: next Tuesday, September 8th, at midnight, CST.  I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday and mail them out on Thursday, if I hear back from everyone!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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