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Delightful things for this beautiful Tuesday morning.

Here’s the artist Jean-Pierre Blanchard painting a portrait of Roger Federer at the presentation of the SVC Entrepreneur Award in Zurich.  Done in 4 minutes!  The painting was auctioned for charity.  You can read more of the story here.  [Thanks, Sara!]



McSweeney’s is coming out with a new children’s book in December.  Keep Our Secrets by Jordan Crane, which has thermal black ink throughout, so that when you rub the ink, colorful pictures appear.  Very clever.



Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Keri Smith’s Wreck This App.  Smith is the author of How to Be an Explorer of the World, which I talked about here, and Living Out Loud, which I talked about here.  They’re all MUSTS for anyone who wants to return to the days of playing and exploring and creating.  Me, me, me!!  For iPhone and iPad.  You can get it here at iTunes.

And as a treat, you’ll have to fix up these delicious crepes.  You cannot eat just one.  Promise.  Smitten Kitchen’s Sugar Plum Crepes with Ricotta and Honey.

Do you have any interesting things to share?  Please do.  I LOVE seeing new things, don’t you?

A new podcast of Living the Questions went up yesterday. Episode 25: How Does One Attain True Peace?

[Post image: Partial of Watercolour 3 by ba1969 on stock.xchng]


  1. Don Rogers
    Aug 10, 2011

    I have trouble expressing how I feel about someone with such talent. This was amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

    • Elissa
      Aug 10, 2011

      Me, too. It’s mesmerizing to watch such talent!

  2. jody
    Aug 10, 2011

    Keri Smith is the author of Wreck This Journal that Sadie has. Its fabulous!!! I am wondering if she has something in book form that is geared to Kadence and Lilianas age? I can’t seem to get the app on my smartphone.

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--Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet

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