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Words You Don’t Forget

When I was growing up, every June, my parents would pack up our VW bus, just as school was letting out for the summer, and we’d make the hot, sticky drive to somewhere around Bemidji–a small private lake called Star Lake–where there was a rustic cabin that was rented out to us for one week, […]

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What’s Your Style?

Everyone’s got style, whether they know it or not.  Even in writing. I’m halfway through The Sound on the Page: Style and Voice in Writing by Ben Yagoda, and it’s been an enlightening read.  Who knew so many authors have certain words they use all the time?  Who knew some authors use italics (and parentheses) […]

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Dancing and Viktor Frankl, Part 2

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about Liliana’s dancing, but what’s so amazing to me is that she alters her movements to parallel the mood of the song.  Even her face mirrors the singer’s voice–his or her emotions.  We put Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” on for her, and if you know the song (I’ve included […]

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Dancing & Viktor Frankl

As I sit writing this, the sun has gone behind the mountain across the bay from our villa.  The gray clouds are lined with a peachy-pink, and the clear blue sky on the other side shines through.  It’s just rained, and night is falling.  Ah, such a beautiful sight.  But not quite as beautiful as […]

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Sharon Olds

The first poem of Sharon Olds’s I ever read came from my brother Tim.  It was a pretty blow-you-away, killer kind of poem called “I Go Back to May 1937.”  You can read it here.  It’s one of the great and damning poems read during Sean Penn’s movie Into the Wild. Of course I acquired […]

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